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Spirituality & Mission

Blessed Alberione recognised the natural capacity of the media to permeate the lives of people and to reach large sections of society in every culture. He gave the Daughters of St Paul a specific mission of using the most effective and suitable means of communication available in each time and context to proclaim the Gospel. This involves the publication, marketing and distribution of books, music cassettes, CDs, videos, DVDs, magazines, periodicals and posters. We maintain bookshops and, where possible around the world, produce radio and TV programs, and publish web sites, all of which carry a Christian message.

The spirituality and mission of the Daughters of St Paul is known as ‘Pauline’. Pauline prayer is characterised by the Hour of Adoration, or the Visit with Jesus in the Eucharist, and by a profound listening to the Word of God in the Scriptures.

Pauline spirituality is rooted in the life and teaching of St Paul, the apostle who lived in intimacy with Christ and spent his energy and life proclaiming the Good News to all peoples. St Paul’s spirit of love for Jesus Master, his energy for the Kingdom, his spirit of thanksgiving and tireless dedication, inspire every Pauline with similar sentiments.

The presence of Mary, Queen of Apostles, in the life of Paulines inspired the same total availability to God that was Mary’s life-long attitude. Mary, who is the model of faith and love, leads us to Jesus Master and forms us for the mission of communicating God’s Word to the world.

At the heart of Pauline spirituality and mission is God’s desire to live in intimate and loving communication with humanity, expressed in the birth of Jesus among us. The Daughter of St Paul recognises communication as a gift, a call to relationship that is associated with the life-giving communication between the Father, Son and the Spirit in the Trinity. Communication pervades every aspect of our prayer, our ministry, the fruits of our ministry and our life in community.

Community Life

There are over 2500 Daughters of St Paul around the world. Here in Australia we live in communities in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Sharing life in community is an important and enriching element of our Pauline vocation. In Australia our style of community life is a simple one. We gather together for prayer several times a week and participate in the Eucharist daily. We also take time each day for personal meditation on the Word of God and spend one Hour of Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.

We are strongly committed to our ministry and seek to have only what is necessary so that we can devote more of our resources towards our universal mission.

Several of our Sisters are missionary Sisters who have come from overseas and committed their lives to proclaiming the Gospel among the people of Australia. Thus, our communities are also notably multicultural in character. This deepens our respect for and appreciation of the diversity among cultures and nationalities, a multicultural dimension of our communities that helps us to stay in touch with the changing face of Australian society.

The Pauline Family

The Daughters of St Paul are a part of the Pauline Family, a family formed by Blessed Alberione that shares a concern for humanity and a mission to proclaim Jesus Christ to the world. The Pauline Family consists of ten Institutes, five of which are made up of religious women and men in public vows, 4 of lay-consecrated people in private vows and the Union of Pauline Cooperators, lay associates who support and share our mission.

Each Institute has a different role in the Church but shares in the same central and integrated vision of the whole Christ, and in the same mission to communicate Jesus Christ to the world.

Religious Institutes:

Daughters of St Paul
Society of St Paul
Disciples of the Divine Master
Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd (Pastorelle Sisters)
Sisters of Mary Queen of the Apostles (Apostoline Sisters)


Lay Institutes:

Jesus the Priest
St Gabriel the Archangel (Gabriellines)
Mary Most Holy of the Annunciation (Annunicationists)
Holy Family (USA)
Union of Pauline Cooperators (Italy)