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We give Jesus to the world
                ...through word, sound & image

The Daughters of St Paul are engaged in a rich variety of ministries that use the media to proclaim Jesus Christ to the world - from editing, publishing, graphic design, book centre work, photography to web based minisitries and social media.

Pauline Books & Media is an important expression of our ministry here in Australia. Our book centres provide a place where people can find resources for their personal and spiritual growth and encounter God through what they read, see and hear. We frequently attend conferences, seminars and gatherings at schools, parishes and other locations with displays of our books, audio-visuals and other resources. Pauline Books & Media's online bookstore can be found at

In our desire to explore new ways to bring the Gospel into the lives of the Australian people and to meet the needs of modern society, we also have a dynamic ministry based on electronic media. Pauline Electronic Publishing was established in 2001 and focuses on proclaiming the Word of God through the Internet and other electronic media.

Pauline Electronic Publishing currently has two online magazines, Echoing the Word, an online magazine offering religious education and catechetical resources, and Terra Spiritus, launched in 2005 and offering the Australian people a renewed and refreshed experience of Christian spirituality.

As we reach new people through the variety of our ministries, the Daughters of St Paul continue to explore ever new ways of proclaiming Jesus Christ to the people of Australia. The potential of the Internet and developments in technology open up new possibilities for tomorrow and beyond. The dynamism of our book centres, our Internet and electronic ministries and our mission are an expression of how the Spirit challenges and directs us even today, giving the Daughters of St Paul the courage to discover new ways to speak the Gospel in our local context.

Pauline Books & Media

Pauline Books & Media are present in over 50 countries, providing the means for human and Christian growth through a vast range of books, music, DVDs and videos, CDs, posters, computer software and interactive media. In Australia, our Pauline Books & Media centres are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Pauline Books & Media's online bookstore has been serving the community since the year 2000. It was just the beginning of a growing Pauline presence on the digital world and another space in which, as Sisters, we can help to make Christ known to all people. It is living expression of the spirit and mission of the Daughters of St Paul as we seek to spread the Gospel through the media that touch people’s lives today.


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Pauline Books & Media Online

Pauline Electronic Publishing

Pauline Electronic Publishing is a web based publishing ministry of the Daughters of St Paul in Australia.

Established in 2001, Pauline Electronic Publishing seeks to explore the possibilities open to the Gospel through the Internet and digital media. Its mission is to provide quality digital publications that enable people to grow and be enriched in their faith and their relationship with God.

To do this, we must be continually alert to the emerging needs and technological advances within society, identifying and responding to this changing environment through the most modern means of communication.

Pauline Electronic Publishing currently publishes two online magazines, Echoing the Word and Terra Spiritus. Launched in February 2002, Echoing the Word is a faith education resource for religious education teachers, catechists, parents, and all those ministering in the faith development of children. Terra Spiritus was launched in September 2005 and is an Australian spirituality magazine offering a range of articles on Christian spirituality, reflections on prayer and relationship, mediations on Scripture, an online chapel and fragments from Christian tradition.

As we head into the future, Pauline Electronic Publishing continues to look for new ways to make Christ known. With an interest in emerging technologies, such as mobile mp3 players and DVD technology, our ministry continues to grow from strength to strength, witnessing to the power of Jesus Christ and his saving message, in all times and in all places.

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Echoing the Word

Terra Spiritus